Afritech Energy (“AE”) is a development and service provider for electric power generation, construction, operations and maintenance, supply and installation. AE is a licensed supplier and general contractor specializing in renewable energy technologies, prioritizing Solar and Hydropower solutions.


AE provides a comprehensive range of products and services to meet the energy sector developer needs in East Africa. The team is comprised of renowned electrical engineers, project managers and field personnel to meet the comprehensive electrical installation and maintenance needs of all organizations, large and small. AE offers affordable renewable energy installations across the Hydroelectric, Solar and Biomass sectors. Our management has over 20 years of experience in Rwanda’s energy market and provides a high skilled project management package with the highest safety and quality standards, delivering World Class solutions that meet demanding timescales and standards.




Afritech Energy believes that electricity should be made assessable and affordable to all. Rather than simply exporting electricity through the grid system to large urban centres AE aims to see energy produced in its projects being utilised by the localized and rural people who neighbour AE projects.


Afritech Energy aims to be a leading energy development company with over 20MW under development within the first 5 years of operation. It also aims to be the leading operations and maintenance provider in Rwanda within the same time scale. AE is already a premier professional and full service Engineering, Procurement and Construction Company in Rwanda, offering solutions for projects in the East African Community. We are dedicated to providing customers with innovative and indispensable services, which result in continued long lasting relationships, satisfied clients and an expansion of operations throughout the region. Through teamwork, experienced supervision, dedicated management, quality engineering and use of new emerging technologies, we aspire to achieve maximum productivity, delivering the highest quality product at financially competitive rates. Afritech Energy invests in its employees' personal and professional growth. They take pride in themselves and in the company, which is critical to its success and is accomplished by an ethic of hard work, technical proficiency, innovation and continuous improvement.


Afritech Energy Ltd is a strong proponent of clean and renewable energy resources and as such AE’s focus is as a renewable energy development & construction company ensuring all its projects generate clean and sustainable electricity in rural areas of Rwanda. Extensive environmental impact assessments are completed to World Bank standards on our projects and extensive efforts are made to minimise and mitigate any negative impacts our projects will have on the surrounding community.

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